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   Have fun! Go dancing and singing! Have a party!  Hire a party Deejay! Call the San Villa Sounds!


  If you are planning to have a party for important occasions such as birthday parties, Christmas gatherings, school festivities, corporate events, weddings, fund raising events, and you plan to have a real good time with a lot of people, then it is time for you to call San Villa Sounds.


   At San Villa Sounds, you can hire a DJ, have fun in singing videoke and dancing your favorite music under the blinking lights of San Villa's vertigo light, luna 4, strobe lights, and fog machine, and amidst the booming sounds of our humongous speakers.


   San Villa Sounds' specialty is with the Filipino audience.  We have contemporary and the latest Filipino hits in our music list.  We also have the crooning sounds from your favorite Filipino soap dish such as Sana'y Wala ng Wakas, Saan Ka Man Naroroon, and Maging Sino Ka Man.  


    It also showcases Latin sounds, hip hop, disco, rap, and current sounds.  Favorites like Chicken dance, Macarena, and Electric Slide are also available.


    Call us now.  Satisfaction guaranteed! 


Hire a Party DJ


and rent party sounds equipment  


that includes


Disco Lights, Vertigo Light, Luna 4, Strobe 


Lights, Fog Machine, 


TV and Videoke/Karaoke 


with a huge selection of music and songs


for only $250


for four hours of fun.


*free set-up of sound equipment.


Call 305-371-9756 for more details.