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San Villa Staffers (SVS) offers trained and quality workers to serve as chefs, waiters, cleaners, bartenders, and the like to restaurants, companies, and establishments in the Florida area.

Mission Statement

San Villa Staffers aims to promote equality, respect, courtesy, professionalism, and service with a smile in all its dealings and transactions with both its workers and customers through constant communication and commitment to its ideals. It hopes to establish confidence in all its clients by assessing their needs, developing a plan, and implementing action plans to suit all of their individual needs.

Services Offered

1.  Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing is offered to companies that have a seasonal or peak load project need for workers. This means that workers will not be needed on a year-round basis but only on certain times of the year when the business is booming . By availling of our temporary staffing, you can save on unemployment claims during the rest of the year. As an employer, you donít have to maintain your own on-call lists and resources. Workers on our payroll will go and work for you as the need arise. All you have to do is to pick up the phone, inform us about the worker you need, and sign them in. Temporary Staffing works best for those companies that do not want to be burdened with advertising, recruitment, the cost of maintaining personnel records, costly benefit programs, and complex separation procedures or unionization.

2.  Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement is offered to establishments which would eventually like to place the workers on their regular payroll. SVS pre-screens permanent placement candidates and make them available for you to make a final choice. The fee for permanent position will range between 10 to 15 percent of the candidateís annual salary. Before providing the worker, an agreement should be signed between you and SVS.

3.  Temp-to-Perm

Temp-to-Perm placements pertains to those workers who have been assigned in a clientís office for 5 months continuous service or have completed 800 hours. This option is advantageous to employers to who have grown to like the services of particular individuals. If they want the particular worker to be permanent, there will be no additional fee to the client.

SVS will work out a plan that best suit the needs of its clients and strive for its effective implementation.

Professional Staff. San Villa Staffers offers the best in hospitality services. SVS understands completely the scope of each o f the position you need and will provide you with the most qualified staff.

Culinary Staff. SVS offers chefs and cooks as temporary workers, remaining on its payroll as permanent placement candidates or as temp-to perm workers. After 600 hours on its payroll , temp-to-perm worker is yours with no additional fee. This is a popular program with many of our clients. We staff a wide range of skills including chef de saucier, garde manger, pastry chefs, bakers, line cooks, prep cooks and meat carvers. SVSí cooks come with their own tools and uniforms: checkered or black pants and chefís jackets. They come prepared to serve in your establishments.

Call us anytime.
SVS knows hospitality services operate around the clock. Special occasions and events happen mostly during evenings and weekends. For this reason, SVSí phone lines are ready to serve you at any time during the week. When you call, SVS will dispatch to you one of its qualified workers to serve right away.

Satisfied customers. SVS offers staff the kitchens for prestige hotels, resorts, convention centers, sporting enents and catering companies. Clients need not chase workers during critical periods of time; they can just supervise and focus on getting the job done.

Why Order from San Villa Staffers?
Hospitality needs are seasonal. When business is slow, you get to manage your own staff. But when its busy serving big conventions and parties, you may call serve SVS to supply you with extra manpower and skilled workers. Aside from our culinary staff like line cooks, prep cooks, and meat carvers, we also have stewards, utility workers, spot washers, and dish washers among others. Let SVS know what type of skills are needed whether it may be for hot, cold, pastry, carving, station, and it will dispatch to you skilled workers for that particular area of need.

San Villa Staffers is responsible for the social security, workerís compensation, state and federal taxes as well as liability insurance and bonding. SVSí rate includes the charges for these items. Plan the season with SVS! Call SVS for its reasonable and affordable packages.